Astro Finance Personal Loans Review

How to apply for the Astro Finance personal loan

How to apply for the Astro Finance personal loan

Astro Finance personal loans can be requested online (attention must be in possession of the digital signature Astro Finance), alternatively you can go to one of the branches present on the national territory.

The procedure can be performed directly and completely online, both to calculate the loan installment and to request the desired loan.

Necessary documents: To pay the loan, Astro Finance requires the photocopy of identity documents, the tax code, the last two payslips (for employees), the latest single model for self-employed workers and the latest coupon pension for those who are now older. Furthermore, it is necessary to present a photocopy of the bill of any user.

Before sending the loan request, you can find out the amount of the installment directly on the Astro Finance portal, by entering the type of project to be implemented, the amount necessary and the installment that you are willing to pay. Before clicking on ” calculate ” you can also decide whether or not to take advantage of the insurance coverage on the loan.

Upon receipt of the funding request, a Astro Finance consultant will contact the applicant informing him / her on the procedure that will take the procedure.

The waiting times to find out if Astro Finance has accepted the credit request or not are very short and the customer is usually informed of the outcome by email or telephone contact, in a very short time, at most in 48 hours.

You can calculate your installment directly from the Astro Finance website. Astro Finance installment calculation or follow the guide on how to independently calculate the installment of the fifth of the salary

Astro Finance Personal Loans: costs and interest rates

Astro Finance Personal Loans: costs and interest rates

After the approval of the financing procedure , Astro Finance will provide the financing within two working days from the receipt of all the requested documents, after which the liquidity will be deposited in the beneficiary’s current account or will be sent by insured check directly to the address of residence. .

The installments will be directly withdrawn from the applicant’s current account , who has the right to choose whether to repay the amount due on day 5 or day 20 of each month.

Depending on the amount needed and the duration of the loan , Astro Finance will apply a different interest rate; the positive note is that the rate established during the signing of the financial contract cannot change, remaining the same for its entire duration.

For amounts up to $ 14,000 to be repaid in a maximum of 96 months, for loans finalized the TAN stands at 6.44%, while the APR is blocked at 6.63% while for those not finalized the TAN is 7.48 and the APR is 7.74, both are fixed. The preliminary and collection costs for the RID procedure are zero.


The requisites are: not to be reported as a bad payer, to be 18 years of age and not to exceed 75, to have a residence in Italy and be a current account holder.

The best candidates are public and private employees with permanent contracts, INPS pensioners, self-employed workers can demonstrate constant income and a well-documented historicity of the same, i.e. income tax return and bank statements from where regularity can be verified. of revenue.

Astro Finance Personal Loans: offers available

Astro Finance Personal Loans: offers available

There are many personal loans Astro Finance makes available to its customers, the latter have characteristics that vary slightly depending on the type of financing requested.

For example, finalized loans have slightly lower interest rates than non-finalized loans. All loans range from a minimum of 1000 to a maximum of 60,000 thousand USD.

The car loan : designed specifically for the purchase of a new, used or zero-kilometer car. The whole project can be financed entirely with sums from 1000 to 60,000 USD. Advanced functions such as installment skip and installment change are active.

The motorcycle loan : not only new or used motorcycles, with this formula you can also finance the purchase of electric bicycles, cars without a license, scooters and mopeds. Also in this case it is possible to change or postpone the installment.

The camper loan : also in this case the offer is designed to finance the purchase of new and used vehicles and is also valid if the project is aimed at the purchase of a caravan. Here also the option to change and skip the installment.

Loan for home renovation works: whether it is a house or an apartment, this loan allows you to carry out a project of structural changes, architectural changes, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your property. Again you can choose when necessary to manage the installment.

Loan for the purchase of furniture and furnishings: with this formula you can buy furniture and home furnishings. Also in this case the advanced rate management functions are active and usable without additional costs.

Loan for the purchase of household appliances : with this formula it is possible to buy all the appliances you need, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, vacuum cleaners etc. etc. provided they are new;

Loan Astro Finance small property: dedicated to all those who are about to buy a small house, a mini apartment, but also want a garage or garage, also in this case all the benefits available to manage the installments and make it easy to manage.

Loan Astro Finance leisure: a trip, a vacation, the honeymoon, an English course, photography are some of the possibilities for which you can apply for this type of financing. Unlike those listed so far, these have interests that are higher by about one percentage point.

Astro Finance loan for other projects : this combination includes all those requests for financing related to events and needs that have not been included in those listed. It can be a loan for organizing a wedding, buying school books as well as paying university tuition or more generally financing one’s studies, be they masters, specialization courses or other.

All the aforementioned loans enjoy the following advantages: the tan and taeg are fixed for the entire duration of the loan, all have the option to change and skip the installment, they can all be requested directly online if you have the digital signature, are all free of ancillary costs and various expenses.

The history of Astro Finance

The history of Astro Finance

Founded in 1984, Astro Finance Bankate is a financial company aimed at credit to families who can benefit from personal loans and loans for the purchase of goods and services always for private use.

Until 2011 Astro Finance Bankate SpA was the leader of the Astro Finance Group, which also saw the participation of Crederma and Astro Finance from that moment until today the financial company is owned by the BNP Paribas Persanal Finance group which has acquired the entire shareholding structure. Its solidity on the Italian market is evidenced by the expansion of the market share by 10% in 2012, which has produced a good positioning on the financial market.



With its loans, Astro Finance accompanies potential customers step by step in applying for a loan by providing all the necessary advice for a conscious choice: choose your project and calculate the installment, maybe making a wish is simpler than it seems.

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